Customer Services

The majority of people at some stage in their personal or business life need legal advice.  That advice has to be delivered to our Clients in a way that suits our Clients’ needs and indeed their budget.

At Morecrofts we understand that and are committed to providing a quality service to meet those needs.  We are human however and there may be times when you need to tell us that you feel something has gone wrong with the service that we have given.  This then gives us an opportunity to investigate the matter and also helps us to improve and if necessary implement practical changes for the better.

If you do have any issue that you feel you need to raise then initially we suggest that you mention it to the fee earner dealing with your matter.  If you feel that that is not appropriate or you would prefer to raise it with someone else then do please email with a very brief summary. We will then contact you to decide a way forward.  Alternatively please telephone our main office on 0151 236 8871 and ask to speak to Anne Heseltine our Client Care Partner so she can explore the issue with you.